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You only cash it once. In this weekly podcast, comedian Erin Darling finds out how famous and funny guests lost their virginity.
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Jan 29, 2018

Host Erin Darling welcomes recording artist Maria Ferrer to debut a track from her brand new album "The Prison Wife Handbook"!

Learn how Maria found love behind bars, and in the process found a new direction for her singing career. She gets real about how she overcame her fear of dating someone in prison, what "family time" is like on the inside, and how her husband makes her feel more special than anyone ever has. Much truth is dropped and a few tears may be shed in this uplifting and unconventional episode of V-Carded!

Find Maria on Instagram (@mariaferrercurves) and BUY THE ALBUM at! If you want to show your support, use the hashtag #FreeMyMan.

Check out the video for "That's My Baby" on Youtube, directed by V-Carded's own Erin Darling!

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Jan 22, 2018

Host Erin Darling welcomes comedian Ariel Kashanchi, who is now our all-time winner in "Shittiest Thing You Can Hear From A Guy After He Takes Your V-Card." Learn how she was smuggled out of Iran, why she doesn't know her actual birthday, and what she was once willing to put up with just because a guy was Persian and Jewish. Then, the girls also get real about lessons learned from boyfriends past, red flags, regret, and relationship karma. 

Check out Ariel on Twitter (@IranianMermaid) and Instagram (@arielsnotamermaid)!

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Jan 15, 2018

Dominatrix Snow Mercy educates Erin on the history of the female dominant on this episode of V-Carded. They discuss everything from financial domination, to public humiliation, and the story of the weirdest request she's ever received from a client. Then, they delve into Coulrophilia (clown fetish) and Snow tells the tale of how she lost her clown virginity. We're back with a bang on Season 2 of V-Carded!

"I know I had a good night when I have clown make-up smeared inside my thighs." - Snow Mercy

Find Snow Mercy on Twitter, Instagram and at!

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